City tax

City tax

Since the 1st September 2012 the Bologna City Council introduced a City Tax.
Bologna City Tax is to be used to finance tourism (servicies, facilities, events) and to mantein and renew our cultural and architectonic heritage.
The price of the room not include the tax. The tax is applicable maximum for 5 nights. Payment of this tax is directly in hotel. The amount of the tax will be calculated per person on a price range basis referred to the nightly price of the room per person with breakfast.

City Tax Prices:

Cost of the room per person per night:              City Tax per person per night:

from 1,00 € to 34,00 €                                                  1,50 €

from 34,01 € to 78,00 €                                                2,00 €

from 78,01 € to 133,00 €                                             3,00 €

from 133,01 €                                                                     5,00 €

Under fourteens are tax exempt.

For more information, please, you can visit the official Rules of Bologna City Tax.